About us

We’re on a mission….

To help children learn today the life skills they’ll love using tomorrow.

The School House Nursery ethos

We believe children are capable of great things.

We are a Montessori-inspired setting, which means above all else that we think children are capable of amazing things, if only we show them how.

We believe children LOVE to learn.

Whether it’s taking their first steps, or making new friends, or a thousand things in between – children love learning something new.

We want to give children a wonderful educational experience in the widest, most stimulating and engaging way possible.

We believe in teaching.

As Montessorians, we stand back, observe, see what excites a child, then metaphorically take them by the hand to lead them on the next steps in their learning journey.

Whether it’s a baby rolling a ball to a friend, a toddler planting seeds in the garden, or a pre-schooler spelling words using the large moveable alphabet, our practitioners will help your children do something wonderful today that was beyond them yesterday.

We believe in teachers.

Children grow best when they live in a safe world full of love, care and warmth.

We can give this experience to children thanks to the engaged, wonderful team who work in our nurseries and who recognise that caring for children is a privilege like no other.

We believe in helping families thrive.

Happy families need happy grown-ups. Our nursery is a support service that helps parents navigate those difficult early years when there is always more to do than there are hours in the day!

Aims and objectives

  • To help children learn.
  • To help children have fun.
  • To keep children safe.
  • To help children love the outdoors.
  • To help children make healthy choices.
  • To feed children healthy food.
  • To help children make friends.
  • To give children confidence.
  • To help children appreciate their families.
  • To help children become ever more independent.
  • To help children engage with adults.
  • To provide children a relaxed and calm classroom environment.
  • To allow children the choice to play outside when they want.
  • To teach children the importance of manners.
  • To give parents peace of mind.
  • To run a nursery that’s better today than it was yesterday.