Opening hours and fees

Number of weeks your child attends 51 (we are closed over Christmas week and on Bank Holidays).
Opening hours 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. (Children can attend from 7.45am for a small additional charge).
Your childcare options Each day is split into morning and afternoon sessions. On any day your child can attend:

  • A morning session (which includes a hot lunch at midday)
  • An afternoon session (which includes tea at 5.00pm)
  • All day (morning session, lunch, afternoon session, tea)

We recommend that children attend for at least two sessions in any week, as any less makes it difficult for the child to settle.


The fees at The Old School House depend on the age of the child and when they attend. We are registered to offer the free Early Years Educational Entitlement sessions (available to all children in the term after their third birthday) and we accept childcare vouchers. If you work it is also worth noting that you may be able to get tax credits to help with childcare costs. The Directgov site has a useful article on this.

For a full list of our fees please contact the nursery.