Welcome to our nursery in Uckfield

We are a Montessori-inspired setting, just like our Outstanding sister-nursery in Lewes. We believe children have an enormous capacity to delight in the world around them, and that it’s our job to unlock that passion and fan the flames of life-long learning.

Children can join us from 6 months old and stay with us till they are five. Throughout this time we want children to love every day of their nursery experience, then to leave us brimming with confidence and ready for the next step in their young lives.

To achieve this we follow the individual interests of each child and plan accordingly, providing countless opportunities for them to try something new and learn as they go.

The atmosphere in each of our rooms is calm and happy, as children busily get on with something that engages them, either with their friends or on their own, according to their mood.

The nursery is free-flow, so children are able to safely explore both inside and out. We love nature and encourage the children to enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible. The food is delicious, and healthy, and prepared with young children in mind.

In short, everything about the nursery is child-centric and designed to enrich a young life. Often a child leaves us exhibiting a particular talent for emotional intelligence, or writing, or creativity, or one of a hundred other things. They do this not because they were pushed, but because they wanted to learn. All we did was ignite the spark.

Come for a visit!

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