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School House Nurseries

Beautiful day nurseries offering all-year care for children aged three months to five years.

Our approach

The very best start in life

School House Nurseries aim to give children the very best start in life by tapping into their boundless enthusiasm for learning something new and making friends.

Indoor & outdoor learning

Children have the freedom to roam in a structured and safe environment with indoor and outdoor classrooms.


A cornerstone of the Montessori approach. Children leave the nursery confident and independent learners.

Healthy lifestyles

Healthy eating, the benefits of exercise and emotional well-being – all begin at nursery.

Respect for others

Children learn how to show kindness to others, navigate conflict, make friends and talk to adults.

The child gives us a beautiful lesson – that in order to form and maintain our intelligence, we must use our hands. 
Maria Montessori

The School House Nurseries Family

Teachers and parents working together

The success of the nurseries is based on a partnership between the Owners, the staff team and our wonderful parents.

The Owners recruit the best early years professionals to work in the classroom.

The classroom team deliver fantastic early years experiences every single day.

A team of cooks, cleaners and administrators support the smooth running of the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s education through visits and ideas.

And all of us work together so that we do right by the most important people in the School House Nursery family – the children we care for. 

Caring and motivated staff

Our teachers and practitioners are highly skilled professionals. They stand back, observe, see what excites a child, then guide them on the next steps in their learning journey.

 Whether it’s a baby rolling a ball to a friend, a toddler planting seeds in the garden, or a pre-schooler spelling words using the large moveable alphabet, the classroom team will always strive to help your children do something wonderful.

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The Old School House Montessori Nursery in Lewes has been owned by proprietors Lindy Baldwin and Stuart Watt since 2002. In that time the nursery’s reputation for outstanding nursery provision has helped the setting grow through word-of-mouth recommendations. It continues to be a thriving, award-winning setting offering all-year-round care
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Explore Uckfield

School House Nursery Uckfield is a Montessori-inspired setting – the carbon copy of our sister-nursery in Lewes. We opened in 2018 and, just like Lewes, we have grown through word-of-mouth recommendations to become a successful, all-year-round setting for children aged 6 months to five years.
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